Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Microsoft genius friend IS HERE!!

Allow me people to proudly proudly proudly introduce Mohannad Naji, a valuable addition to Jordan's blogsphere... Mohannad is one of my best friends and I am, again, very proud of him. Mohannad last year took part in the Microsoft ImagineCup competition and was AMONG THE TOP SIX.. wow wow wow... I am very happy that Mohannad has started a blog that will tell us some of what goes inside this genius mind... welcome Abu Hneid, welcome!


Qabbani said...

okay sooo ?!!

Qabbani said...

oh and by the way

the link is om sha3'al

Jad said...

Micro$oft what? I can't hear you!
Welcome mohannad.

Mohannad Naji said...

wow Oula, do i deserve all this?
Many thanks my friend, I'm touched

LOoLO said...

well I've known mohannad since 4ever...he's a good guy and deserves the best always

P.S==> ma yekbar rasak mohannad ok?;)

nice blog OULA

wedz said...

ahlan u sahlan :) and welcome, hope you enjoy your blogging time :D