Friday, May 25, 2007

stress is over!

"Why do I keep banging my head with a hammer? because it feels so good when I stop.."

Ellen Pompeo, Grey's Anatomy

Sunday, May 13, 2007

شخبط شخابيط

اليوم استمتعنا بسهرة مميزة على قناة دبي الفضائية مع المبدعة ميادة الحناوي وهاني شاكر.. غنت ميادة اغانيها المميزة مثل سيبولي قلبي وارحلوا وكان يا ما كان... وبالصدفة بعدها شفت"دعاية" لالبوم نانسي عجرم شخبط شخابيط... هاي "البنت" ثروتها "المعلنة" 22 مليون دولار... وميادة الحناوي كانت تشكي انه البومها ما حقق مبيعات... قد ما انغظت صرت اسولف شروي غروي وقررت اطلع البوم جديد لعلا الفرواتي اغنيته الرئيسية:.. خربط خرابيط.. لخبط لخابيط بعدين وقع من عل الحيط ... وكل البوم وانتو بخير

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The insecurity of Carrefour/City mall security!

Today I had a bit of free time and thought to myself: Why not take the babies for a walk? considering it was 2 and it was gruelling hot outside, I decided to go to Carrefour ... But instead of unwinding and giving my babies a refreshing outing, I came home shivering with anger!

The security there are absolutely vulgar and lack the simplest manners!

I was coming in with 1 year old Natalie sleeping and 2.5 year Abboudeh walking ahead of me, Abboudeh suddenly decides to run and enters using the exit door... I immediately ran after him, and that was the biggest mistake I have done in my life! I saw at least 5 door security shouting crazily at me come here come here and I said ok ok I am coming... they said you can't enter without going through the security gate so I said ok, you can manually search me but they wouldn't while at the same time yelling footi footi ta7t el bab! I said I cant enter with my abboudeh with me so a girl security grabs my baby aggressively and said "we are holding your baby, yallah go in" and that was when I went crazy and said "hey, don't touch my baby"... I walked inside and there were at least 10 people around me, half of them yelling at me and half of them apologizing and then some started yelling at each other... One of them who thought she was stronger than everyone else came and started nervously pointing at me from head to toe while yelling..footi footi ta7t el bab yallaaaaaaaaaaaaa like I am suddenly Mosaab Zarqawi going in with a bomb! ! I was looking at all this chaos and saying khalas khalas let me just go home! Then a senior person from the mall administration came and took me inside while the women security were giving me mean and horrible looks!

I went inside and barely made a 5 minute walk while thinking, what are they going to do to me when I exit the mall? Will they spit and yell at me or chase me with a club and 200 dogs? I made a quick exit without even looking at them...

What will a woman carrying 2 babies and a small hand bag do to threaten the safety of the mall and its shoppers? How many times do people enter without being searched?

It was a bad feeling! You think I will ever go to City Mall, Carrefour again?

I understand we've been through a terrorist ordeal but didn't they face a worse ordeal in New York? I was not treated with such ignorance and rudeness in New York! They searched me in the JF Kennedy airport while being extremely nice and apologetic because their search was a bit thorough!

I was told once by an American friend of mine that we in Jordan are obsessed with authority! I thought, then, that she was exaggerating... I was wrong...

Firefox brought me back to life

So I haven't posted anything for so long... You know why? Because I could not access my blog! I tried and tried and downloaded a dozen things but it wouldn't work! Shaden came to the rescue and suggested Firefox!! and as you can see, I am back again! what is wrong you think with IE7?