Friday, January 05, 2007

My 2007 plans! it never hurts to be ambitious!

2006 was big to me… so many changes happened in my life I can hardly comprehend them all… I will tell you people some of these!

1- I had a baby: Natalie is 10 months old now! She is speaking her first words… makes me crazy when she says mama!

2- I started a "new" job: this job is really great... very few places in Amman are like that… Working for Grumpy Gourmet has made me trust Jordan work environment back again!
3- I started a blog: Thanks to Isam… I wish I had more time to write… yet through blogging, I met so many nice people…
4- I celebrated my 3rd anniversary: I never could be happier!
5- We redecorated the garden: you now, one of these things that keep plaguing your mind but you keep postponing… but one you do them, the satisfaction is awesome!

So 2007 I hope has a lot of potential… my plans are:

1- Send Abboudeh to KG: Abboudeh is 2 now.. it is time that I let go of him :(
2- Do more blogging and more reading both on the Internet and my book shelves… makes me very sad to see all those great books unread yet!
3- Write more investigative stories: I always feel that there are a lot of untapped areas that I haven’t written about… I feel a great urge to investigate more!
4- Start my own "small" business: one has to do more in this country… the potential is great! More to come!
5- Lose 5 kilos: seems impossible in winter…
6- Visit more family and do more family socializing: never wanted that and never liked it… but getting married and having children made me suddenly a significant person in my and my husband's extended families… everyone seems upset I haven’t congratulated them for getting married, having newborns, graduating, going to Umra and Hajj.. etc… can anybody do that and have some time for himself?! I doubt it…
7- Write a book: I don’t know about what…
8- Learn French, Spanish, German….
9- Learn more html: as if I know any
10- Have "my own" blog: I feel very jealous of

Seems very ambitious right… how much you think dear people can I do out of that?

Happy 2007!


al ghoul said...

Allah ywaf2ek. It's an honour to simply try.

Qwaider قويدر said...

Moey 3ad!! Allah ysam7ek.. Tab say Roba or Nas mathalan!
Sounds good ... keep up the ambitions in high gear and things WILL get better insha2allah
So you've only been married for 3 years and already Mommy for 2 gorgeous cute babies! Masha2allah ... I swear you're 100% over achiever.
Now what happened to the bride you were going to "fix" me with?

Qabbani said...

hmm.. nice wish u luck all luck ...

: ) and about ur blog i can help u in it :p

see ya soon

Oula said...

Alghoul: y r absolutely right!
Qwaider: Moey's is very nice! he changes some stuff in the layout almost on daily basis! your bride bitkawwen nafsaha, come see her next time you come here!
Qabbani afandi: that is very nice of you! I will seek your help very soon!

hamede said...

Good luck.

Qwaider قويدر said...

Why next time? send pictures ... yalla

Nas said...

wowzers, that is one cute kid mashallah!

good luck on all your endevours this year, i hope this time next year you can post about their successes.

amjad027 said...

"one has to do more in this country…"

Really the way you are Optimistic is great ,thanks for that.

wish you all happiness

kinzi said...

Oula, you have a great attitude about life! Look forward to reading more in print and screen from The Controversial One!

Batir said...

I wish you manage to succeed in all your plans. Time is always short and it has to be created. I can advise you of a good KG for abboudeh it is called "city activity" beghind Berger King's Haramen branch. I put my daughter there for 2 yaers and they are very clean and carful.

Moey said...

wow.. thanks for this great, I'm surprised that you like my blog, and as usual qwaider is jealous, 5alli microsoft tenfa3o :P

J/K, thanks alot Oula, and I didn't know about the post because the link is wrong :) it's okay, thanks again.