Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton rises above all! Damn it!

Hillary Clinton's announcement today was no surprise. Damn it damn it damn it, whenever I think of this woman, the photo of Monica Lewinsky jumps to my mind... It is quite premature to judge the lady who, if elected, would become the 1st woman president of the US, but I commend her ability to rise above the shame of her husband's "misconduct" and appear in public (I would have divorced the hell out of him), run to become a NY Senator and now compete to become US President! Her versatility, strength and personality are rare... Lets see what women can do if they run the world!


Qwaider قويدر said...

Just a proof that some women would do anything to get to power
I like Hilary, but I just don't see a president! And what are they going to call Clinton? The First Lady!!?
And quite frankly, between you and me, the US and the world was in much better shape when he was president!

Qabbani said...

i dont know about this o mo Fahamn sho al Tab5a ... just i like to comment :P

see ya

Devil's Mind said...

Lets face it, Clinton was a Democrat!! (Unlike the Republican Bush!) Sure the world would be in a much better shape! Lets hope John Kerry wins the next elections, we all had it with the Republicans!!

Shaden said...

She's a very strong woman and I admire this one thing about her. She's smarter than letting her husband's misconduct get in the way of her political ambitions, he may have caused damage to her personally but she wasn't going to let him be the cause of further damage.

kinzi said...

Ugh! This woman makes me want throw UP!!! If she gets elected, I may stay in Jordan permanently

The Observer said...

I would like to see a woman leading the world for a change. Lets see what would happen. I don't think there is any chance to get any worse than in Bush's era. Anyone would be better :)

Hatem Abunimeh said...

kinzi said...
Ugh! This woman makes me want throw UP!!! If she gets elected, I may stay in Jordan permanently


Oula said...

Q: Ya, I have the same feeling too
Qabbani: heheh
devil's mind: yes, teh republicans didnt do any good
Shaden: exactly... she is such a strong woman
Kinzi: then i hope she wins, we need u to stay here dear :P
the observer: ya, lets see what women do when they lead!
Hatem: u r in the US right, how do people around u feel?

Batir said...

I have to say I admire this women. She forced the president of the USA to sleep on a couch for a whole month and he had the courage to admit that in public.

hamede said...

She is worse than Bush in supporting israel,read sabbah,s blog,the semiotics of iniguity hillary clinton and the pro-israel lobby.

Hatem Abunimeh said...


In the US people don't go by what other people are saying especially when it comes to candidates for the office of the President. Everything here has got to do with polls, whatever the polls say is more or less a reflection of what the actual status is supposed to be. For instance if the Polls are showing Hillary leading other contenders then they go by that, if the polls show that other rival is leading, then that is the way it is.In sum : People here live and die by what the polls say.period.

Bo said...

If she wins, Kinzi, my family may come and stay in Jordan w/you! Actually, my mom says we'll go to Autralia (not sure why she picked that one).
Hatem Abunimeh, the polls are often wrong, especially the exite polls, and many of us realize that and don't pay any attention to them.
Hamede- you are right, she does have a strong history of supporting Israel. I don't think it's her personal philosophy as much as what she needed to do to win the election in NY.
Needless to say, this election will be an interesting one.