Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where shall we go?

So today is third day of Eid… the Eid rituals of visiting families and getting visited by all the "ma7arem" finished… we were thinking yesterday that hooray… we have the third day of Eid all to ourselves… it is 4,00 o'clock and we have been thinking for the past 5 hours after we finished breakfast about a proper place where we can go with the "kids", who are 2 and 7 months old… we called some friends for suggestions and they all said one thing… everywhere is busy… there is no where u can go during Eid… everywhere, by the way, is a bunch of fastfood restaurants with play grounds, Mc, BurgerKing and the like, some Shami food restaurants, Mais Elreem and Tawa6een ElHawa, and Amman Mall's DreamPark… mmm… what else??
So that is it… we decided what to do! Stay home… Fry chicken and some potato and watch a movie… That is all what this country offers us during the Eid… no wonder half the Ammanites are in Sharm and Beirut… Happy Eid, Jordan!