Saturday, December 30, 2006

Why do Arabs hate us?!!!! Gosh, I feel sick!

I couldn't help but cry this morning when I saw the News of Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein being hanged... I will not delve into whether He was right or wrong becausethe principles of those have changed in these days... but I was so humiliated to see that they hanged him on the first day of Eid Al Adha... I just want somebody to tell me and on the record why this day in particular was chosen... makes me feel sick...
The feelings I had were unprecedented, I felt bad, really bad... and when people were greeting me with happy Eid today, I was feeling really depressed... Bravo America you did make us fell bad, oppressed and clueless... Bravo!
now, I keep reading opinion articles by American thinkers, politicians and ordinary citizens, all headlined with "Why Do Arabs Hate Us?" they ask the question innocently and analyze and analyze and analyze... I hope that now they have an answer! is there any clearer reason...
Gosh, dear American Administration: Thanks for helping your people find the answer...

And dear Arab Nation: "happy Eid"


izzi said...

ana kamain ya roba it2ata3 albi i am so surprised at the way i feel... especially because we were badly affected by the gulf war and had to move and start over in amman... i should hate him, but i dont... what a shame... it is awful, can u believe that i am really depressed... his last words, they are haunting me... this is a terrible eid.

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

Well said Ola. Thats our "3eedyeh". Executing a former president of one of the biggest Arab countries.

Moey said...

I seriously don't know whats going on with you guys.. I was jumping from happiness when I heard it..

Mohamed Ali said...

Unfortunetly they create of saddam a hero of nation. His excution the day of the Aid brought him lot of compassion.

The Observer said...

I dont like admitting feeling relieved for an excution of any man, but to be honest I have felt a kind of relief for closing this chapter.

I dont see this in any way a humilation for Arabs. I pleed for people not to make Saddam represent us. He DOESNT represent us. He and his regeme was a disaster to our Arab world and especially for the Iraqi people.

I know that many Iraqi's are celebrating his death. I can only congratulate them and wish them a better future.

caller said...

Asalam 3alaykom,
Thanks oula..blessed 3eed.
Sadam did what all arab leaders do everyday..And if mubarak was given a green light to move towards any country he would do it..along with other several arab leaders..
Saddam was no worse..and that's why they shut up..and that's why they ate sad el7anak and looked the other way as he was proudly hanged with his head held high and that made him no sheep..and they are all just shameless dogs to take the slap and eat it!!!

hamede said...

who is next.

Anonymous said...

moey, bush AND AMERICANS killed thousands of innocent iraqis. who gives those murderers the right to execute saddam? but then again, you are the guy who is happy to befriend zionists even as they butcher innocent arabs. you have issues dude.

Qabbani said...

nothing to say more than ..... its bring me a baaaaaaad feel and thinking who's next..

Moey said...

Anonymous, show your real identity then speak up to my level.

Tarek said...

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
وَلَكُمْ فِي الْقِصَاصِ حَيَاةٌ يَاْ أُولِيْ الأَلْبَابِ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَتَّقُونَ

لقد نال جزاؤة و لا أري في ذلك ما يدعو للحزن أبدا

Rabee Matar said...

i think most young Arabs today are politically shallow and have grown up without knowing what national pride means. This is typical of people who grow up in repressive, non-free societies.

Let me explain to you what's wrong with the execution of Saddam.

1) most Arab leaders deserve the same fate and have slaughtered untold number of political dissidents and innoncent. Yet those brutal regimes considered friendly to US are praised and protected.

2) If Saddam was overthrown by an Iraqi revolt and later executed after a fair trail, then it's the decision of the Iraqi people. Iraq is an American-occupied territory and those who caught saddam and those who hanged him are American invasion soldiers.

3) The Americans and the British killed thousands of innocent Arabs directy or indirectly, by providing bombs to Israel, in Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine. Why Saddam? As a matter of fact, the Americans and the Brits killed far more innocents than al-Qaeda can or could kill.

4) Saddam knew too much for the US to let go of him. A life sentence would have given Saddam plenty of time to spill the beans. The Americans refused to turn Saddam over to an international court, like Slobedan, for fear he will not be killed. A trial in a US-occupied Iraq by Saddam's political foes will ensure his execution and all the dirty secrets will die with him.

5) the demeaning visuals associated with the capture of Saddam and his execution, when contrasted with the respectful treatment Slobo the Rapis received, send a disturbing message about the depth of the American hatred for Arabs. Not even Nazi or Imperial Japanese war criminals who committed far more heinous atrocities received this racist treatment.

6) the choice of the first day of Sunni holiday, with US approval, was designed to fan the flames of sectarian hatred, a mission the US and Brits have committed themselves to part of a larger regional strategy to divide and conquer.

Anonymous said...


Stop blaming everyone else for your troubles.

Arabs kill more Arabs tha anyone else. Look at the Iraq suicide bombings. Americans and Jews are not killing those civilians.

Americans and Jews are trying rebuild your infrastructure.

Take a look at your society and fix from within. You place blame everywhere except where it needs to be. Your society of hate and intolerance.

Even if you drove the jews from the middle east then what?
You will turn on yourselves and kill each other because THATS what you know! Violence and fighting.

Because you have never been taught how to accept and compromise and have respect for other religions and peoples. You are arrogant.

Make some changes and find a way to have pride. Build something, help people, be productive with something other than an AK-47 or a pipe bomb.

Change from within and stop hating yourselves. Once you have some pride in yourselves maybe you can be a productive and usefull society of the earth.