Wednesday, November 22, 2006

we lost the game :( but.. hey people... we won!!!

So yesterday I was so enthusiastic and went with my family to have some fun... I carried Abboudeh (with a big bottle of milk) and headed to the basket ball game between the Lebanese Al Riyadhi and the Jordan Team... though we lost ( I donno why I expected a landslide victory) we went back home very happy... the crowds, the security, the "Jordanian feeling" made us go home victorious... the crowds were chanting riyada... ordon... riyada... ordon... in one voice.. Amazing... and i dont know why Omar Abdallat songs sound so much nicer during the games... Hashmi Hashmi was absolutely great...
Carrying four flags (with Jordan's flag on one side and the Arab Bank Shabab prog. on the other.. heheh), my son, Abboudeh (2 years on Dec.6) danced all the time and would not go home after the game finished, so we had to stay also for the Egypt, Kosovo match... (with Egypt winning!)
I felt so happy during the match... the chanting makes me feel so happily Jordanian... it feels so patriotic and we waved the flag till we became tired... yes yes guys do it..
I was so pleased with the security also… normally there would be a lot of elbowing and "dafasheh" on the doors and during the game… some people become so high with patriotism that they start fights for nothing. But the presence of a big number of security personnel (they were really nice too) and a no-smoking strict rule made our game very interesting and rewarding… I love my country… I love Jordan!

(Mu husband, though, will not allow us to sit with the crowd! heheheh)


abu_shakuush said...

That sounds fun. Go Jordan. Go Lebanon.

Batir said...

Great you enjoyed your time. I do not recall the last time a Jordanian team beat a Lebanese team in a basketball game.

7ala said...

And that is the real victory Oula :)
Your son is so cute mashallah and your photo is so nice :p