Sunday, November 12, 2006

Should I be worried?

My blog has very "unique" visitors who land on it after conducting websearches, especially on Google. My statcounter shows the keywords they typed to do their searches… the top search keywords are: Sexless marriages, sex in amman, porn Jordan and the like. While I consider the stories I have written on sex-related issues to be beneficial, especially for those seeking advice on staying connected with their spouses, or reading about the bad effects of watching porn, I find myself disgusted to see that some psychos arrive at my blog expecting "pleasure". I also find myself worried that they ever see my blog which has information about me as well as my photo… should I be worried?


Qwaider قويدر said...

Just shows what type of people you attract! Oops! Does that include me!!!?!??!!?

Qwaider قويدر said...

Fix your main page it's showing only one article at a time ... (should be at least 5)

Shy said...

Nah don't worry. If they come here expecting filth they are not going to find it here so they wont stick around. Just keep blogging and keep up the good work :)

Moey said...

typical, what do you expect the corrupted youths to do

Nas said...

whether we like it or not, the posts that will get the most attention are always sexually related.

for my blog i tend to get searches for "black sex in jordan". yeah, i dont get it either.

As for your photo and your bio, well think of it this way, anyone arriving at your blog with those types of searches is looking for something specific and it will take them about 5 seconds to realise it's not on your blog and will inevitably leave and never come back.

At least not until they have some pants on again.

Abdallah said...

if you act on your worries by changing the content of your blogs, you would be caving in to the "bad guys." That's too much power to give to such low-lives.

Omernos said...

you shouldn't be worried at all.

You have a gate you opened for discussion, and on the net it maybe hard to block those dirty intruders who sneak in out, but don't make that either worry you nor make you more 'politically correct'

HEHE, just ignore them and you know what you're writing about and what you're discussing. So there's no point of making a big deal of it ;)

Damn! Mush 3aref a7ki elyoum! hehe


Lubna said...

off topic, How do you know the keywords they use? I've no clue! Nas? Oula?
I know that Toni Kattan wrote his own name on the google bar, and was directed to my blog (HEHE), so I know one keyword:P

On topic... I get the same thoughts sometimes, It's scary sometimes, but then I tend to ignore!

Nas said...

Lubna, i use my statcounter that gives me all the feedback i need. you can get one from

Tarek said...

Dun worry.
It's normal here is this part of the world :)

The Observer said...

I guess that porn site have to do more work in order to get themselves higher in the ranks of web engine searches!

How come you get this amount of hit searches?

I guess that people searching for sexless marriages are not looking for porn!

And why would you get worry? People who look for porn are not sick people! They are horney ones! Maybe once they land of your blog, they would read something beneficial!