Thursday, September 20, 2007

fresh blood

For the past three weeks I was quite busy co-training a group of German and Arab (Tunisian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Syrian, Lebanese, Jordanian and Palestinian) students and fresh journalists..

The training transcended the usual theoretical training, to offer practical, hands-on guidance and instruction during which each student had to actually write a feature. Students were asked to work in groups of two (1 German and 1 Arab) and produce a story each but on the same issue. the issues were quite interesting: they tackled sex education, Iraqi refugees, "Islamism" and even heavy metal music in Jordan. Blogs were also "investigated" and a special story was written on violence against women in Jordan . All these features will be published in a special magazine that is actually being designed...

The training was organized by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. Veteran journalist Jan Kuhlmann co-trained the students, who exhibited exceptional courage, enthusiasm and valor..

I am so happy to have been offered to give this is the second thing I love in my life..Journalism comes first!


kinzi said...

Oula, welcome back!! A post like this is worth waiting for.

Moey said...

nice stuff, missed you oula. was my blog investigated? LOL