Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Firefox brought me back to life

So I haven't posted anything for so long... You know why? Because I could not access my blog! I tried and tried and downloaded a dozen things but it wouldn't work! Shaden came to the rescue and suggested Firefox!! and as you can see, I am back again! what is wrong you think with IE7?


7usam said...

Long live FireFox :D
IE7 +-7 Sucks
you did the right thing

Qwaider قويدر said...

It was probably a stale cookie or some other misconfigured setting
just clear all your cookies and restart IE7, it should be fine after that.
Oh also make sure Internet is in medium-high setting and that cookies are allowed.

It can be a million things.

Oula said...

7usam! yes yes.. lets go on a muzahara

Q: la yakhoy fasee7 ismAllah... I did all these suggestions but nothing worked out... can u please list me the million things that could prevent me from accessing my blog using IE? :D

Mazz said...

IE is Evil Powered.
Bill gates is SATAN!
FF rules. it was built by angels on earth.

kinzi said...

Oula, welcome back!!! I feared your job kept you so busy at a screen the LAST thing you wanted to do was blog!

That Shaden, she is the greatest!

subzero said...

There is only one problem in IE7:
created and designed by Microsoft :)

Dave said...

Don't get me started about IE and its problems.

Jad said...

Oh well, you have big fat virus in your computer called MS Windows.

Shaden said...


I heart Firefox and I agree with Jad!

MQabbani said...

GO FF go FF hehe

FirFox is A+

Omernos said...

I'm a Firefox groupie too
Firefoxer, haha

hahahaha I love Jad's comment
"big fat VIRUS!"